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Scripture readings on a consistent, daily basis set a firm foundation for your walk. If you want to be bold in purpose and on purpose then you have to find a way to continually be fueling up on the power of the Word.

90 Days through the Bible offers you daily prompts and shares to lead you through the Scripture by breaking it down into little bits. When you add up the little bits each day, you begin to build big changes for your journey.

Each day you will be challenged to read little bits of several sections of the Bible to help you stay engaged and focused on the stories and lessons.

Old Testament Scripture Readings from:

Law, history, poetry, prophets, Proverbs/Psalms

New Testament Scripture Readings from:

Acts, Paul’s letters, more letters, Gospels

More from 90 Days in the Bible

This workbook offers more than daily Scripture readings. It was designed through yearly readings by the author with an emphasis on challenging you to see all you can see, learn all you can learn, and find your own way through the Word.

You also have a focus Scripture taken from the day’s readings to prompt you in journaling your favorite verse each day.

The focus Scripture leads to a ponder point – a thought to push you to dig a little deeper.

Each day closes out with a challenge to share what you are reading, learning, and experiencing through your walk in the Word.

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