3 Keys for Measuring Success

3 Keys for Measuring Success

Measuring success keeps you moving in the right direction. Knowing where you are going helps direct your choices. Reviewing your journey provides opportunity for correction of that direction. It helps to measure the results of my actions to determine the value of the continuation down that road. I have to know, see, understand, and adjust….


Check Your Heart

“You need to learn how to speak words that are more uplifting.” The flesh in me bristled at the words that were being tossed at me. I had just come off speaking to a women’s conference about becoming an encourager. I had just agreed to write an eBook for a women to use as a…

Just Say Yes

There is a movie out with Jim Carey called “the Yes Man.” I have no idea what it’s about or how good the movie is or isn’t, but I get the idea that he is saying yes to everything. I’m tackling that in my own life. It may sound crazy but it’s changing my attitude…