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What Begins with D

One word can stop your progress and derail your success without as much as a whisper of warning. It can come in big, giant, overwhelming waves or small, indiscernible trickles. But it will come, so be prepared. Dealing with Distractions 1. Learn to recognize a distraction for what it is. Emergencies DO come up, but […]

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The Cat, the Fleas and the Mouse

Little problems can follow little problems and end up making a big mess! The cat went blind and at seventeen years old we knew that it was time to let her go. The good news was that the other cat would now be able to go live outside. We would be pet free inside for […]

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persistence to overcome with Kathryn Lang

Ignore the Problem

Ignore the problem and it will go away. This thought was first suggested by someone who does not have children. Problems are like children. They are persistent in their desires are determined to get your attention one way or another. Ignoring a problem will only guarantee you more problems to add to the list. Finances […]

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Turn Problems to Praise

A mouth full of praise has no room to talk about others. My morning starts with bible study and the last few months my husband and another couple have been sharing a journey through a daily devotional that we moms did several years back. I found my notebook from that first study and have been […]

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