What Begins with D

One word can stop your progress and derail your success without as much as a whisper of warning. It can come in big, giant, overwhelming waves or small, indiscernible trickles. But it will come, so be prepared.

Dealing with Distractions

    1. Learn to recognize a distraction for what it is. Emergencies DO come up, but most of the things that we deem an emergency could be handled after the project has been completed or the to-do list has been marked down. Does the situation HAVE to be handled, in its entirety, at this moment? Do not allow the unexpected things of life become a distraction from doing the things you know to do.

    2. Give in now but schedule later. Some things will have to be dealt with at this moment in time. Accept that and move on. Just make sure that when time does become available that you get back on track and do not make the situation an excuse to put off the actions you need to pursue your success.

    3. Quit whining. The natural inclination seems to be to find multiple shoulders on which to cry. That means reliving the situation time and again and it also means using up more time in the telling. Have a support system in place that allows for one or two calls and then let that support take effect before you move on to the next shoulder.

I have dealt with some tough times in my life – in my day today even. The rain comes, the clouds move on and the sun will shine again. The difference between a distraction and a road bump is my actions one the situation arises.

How do you keep moving when distractions big or small try to take center stage?

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