Writing Challenge for Nov 14

The best fiction comes from real life. “You just can’t make that up.” The true stories that we see around us, read about in the paper or that have been passed down from generation to generation can give life to an entire novel.

Look around you. Let the inspiration of reality be the thing that ignites your muse. Spend some time researching the news that goes on and find the most unreal story you can uncover. Have a family gathering and get the stories flowing and let their words of wacky history start the inspiration.

There is nothing new under the sun. A great writer takes the inspiration of the stories around them and then crafts those stories into a whole new experience.

November 14 Writing Challenge

Use the headline of a story that you read or hear to be the beginning of a short story. Keep the new story under 500 words. Share a link in the comment section to your short story along with the headline that you used as the inspiration.

Non-fiction writers can use the headline as the inspiration for an article that relates to their particular niche.

Remember – a great writer weaves words and story lines into the garment of his (or her) desire.

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