Making Sense of the Good Mood Blog

The time has come. The great “Good Mood” blog competition has officially kicked off. I was late to the race, but determined to make a mark.

The months that have passed since the last competition have allowed me to build my platform. More people are reading what I write than ever before. But I know that it is not just about platforms and blogs.

Anyone can try out. You fill out your application and then get your friends and family (and complete strangers) to take the time out of their day to go vote for you. Each IP address can vote once per day. The job lasts for six months and requires one post per day.

I posted on my Facebook page as soon as my site came up for voting. Another writer friend replied that she was also making a pitch for the gig, so today I asked her how it was going and begin to contemplate what I was doing.

“I can’t help but wonder if I put as much energy into building my own blog as I do to this competition what would happen.”

My last few days have been spinning around purpose and passion – trying to remember where I was going or determine if a new destination is on the horizon. I received an ebook from Henri Junttila called “Passion Blogging Guide.” It fit in perfectly with the swirling confusion and even helped clear some of the clouds. His words are what prompted the thought about the “Good Mood” competition.

Would my time be better served pursuing my own blogs as passionately as I am chasing this job?

My Commitment to Successful Freelance Writer Followers

    1. I commit to you to post one article to this website for every request I send for votes. You have been reading my blog for years and I want you to know how much I appreciate your visits.

    2. I will make one comment on another blog for every vote that I receive – that should leave me VERY busy over the next few weeks, but it is worth the effort. I succeed when I take the time to help others.

    3. I am determined to follow up on all of those guest blog requests, review commitments and classes so that I continue to pass it forward.

    4. I will make two retweets for every one tweet that directly benefits me.

I need to better spend my limited amount of time. I told my Sunday School class that I would commit to more time with God and at the end of the week not only had I NOT spent more time with God, but I had no idea where I had spent my time. An entire week passed by and I had wasted it all.

I will continue to pursue this Good Mood blog, but I will also continue to create content that shows you my passion, gives you the information that you desire and grows my online presence.

I challenge you to do one thing more this week to reach your for your dreams, and share that step with me here so that I can encourage and support you in your pursuit.

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