From Knowledge to Action

Finding my place in life takes more than just information – I have to know how to apply that information and then I have to take the action to apply that information. I can have a map of the state. It will not do me any good if I do not determine a location on that map that I want to visit. It will not do me any good if I never leave my house.

“A map only works for me if I know where I want to go and I take actions to leave the house.”


When I first started writing SEO content for other people on the web, I mastered the art of keyword placement. I knew how to place keywords to get the search engine’s attention. I studied keyword placement. I studied keyword articles. I learned about SEO writing.

After writing SEO content for the rest of the web I had the bright idea of doing it for myself. “Not only do I know how to do it, but I am passionate about my own words.” I made the leap.

I soon discovered that even though I knew how to write the articles, I did not have any idea how to get the right keywords. I knew about the tools and understood the search parameters, but I did not know how to apply the knowledge. Understanding was missing.

I can learn about anything. I can get the knowledge about anything – if I am willing to apply myself to the learning. Book knowledge misses the little details that come from experience and wisdom.

I was determined, though, so I continued to plunge ahead. I followed all of the advice that I saw on the web. I wrote longer articles. I wrote shorter articles. I posted more often. I posted less often.

Jason T. Wiser helped me take all of the learning, knowledge and teaching and begin funneling that into my own path – because it will be my path. I have to find my unique way. I have to apply the information to my unique journey. With the information and wisdom of those that have gone on before, I turn the learning into actions.

Ninety percent of what he shared had been stirring within me. The confirmation from our talk gave me the courage to step forward in those ideas.

The changes that I have made are the ones that I need in my life for this morning. The wisdom that Jason offered me was exactly what I needed to hear in my life at this moment. It came at a time when I was already seeking. It came at the moment when I had the focus. It came at the precise opportunity that I could put it to work.

The Trouble with Knowing

    I can know it and not apply and I am better off not knowing.

    I can know it and not know how to use it and I am just as bad off as not knowing.

    I can know it and use it incorrectly and it won’t get me any closer than no knowing.

Knowledge may be power but only when it is utilized through wisdom.


[tweetthis]”Knowledge may be power but only when it is utilized through wisdom.”[/tweetthis]

Get knowledge and grow in your leaning. Get understanding through the aptitude, direction and counseling of others. Take it all and stir it together in your own path and you will discover that your next step is directed by wisdom.

Until I take action, I will be stuck in the same ole same ole. Until I make changes, nothing will change. I have to choose to apply the knowledge, through wisdom, with action to reach my destination.

Be blessed,



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