31 Day Challenge – Day 6 and Getting There

It feels like I’m getting over the hump of the challenge. The whining is not gone but at least the excuses are falling on deaf ears. It helps to have you watching over my shoulder (or at least for me to perceive that you are watching over my shoulder).

Making Positive Changes

    1. Focus on the good thing that you are doing and not the bad thing that you are trying to undo. The undoing will happen when you get things moving in the right direction.

    2. Develop a cheering squad. Several of you have written that you are praying for me to succeed and I’m taking that to heart. When I want to give up I remember that I’m not alone.

    3. Do the most when you are at your best. Tackling most of my challenge first thing in the morning is best for me but some people might be better off tackling things at night.

    4. Remember that change is about you and not about the people around you. Changing my behaviors, habits or goals will never get my husband up earlier, get my kids to finish their school work on time (every time) or make my father in law spend HIS money the way I think he should ;)). All I can change is me and that is more than enough to take on.

It is not a lot that I am doing but it will have a HUGE effect on my life. The acts are not as important as the self inspection and the determination to be consistent. Change only can make things different so it’s worth the challenge.

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    • Thanks for passing that smile my way. This 31 Day Challenge has opened up a vein in me that has been closed a long time. I look forward to pouring out more of my heart and soul and sharing my downs as well as my ups!