31 Day Challenge – Day 15 Half Way Home

This challenge has been tougher at times than I would have ever imagined possible. Life gets in the way of consistency. I understand that now but I don’t have to accept it. These last fifteen days have helped me to realize I can get it done if I just push on and do it.

8 Things I have Learned about Consistency

    1. Tomorrow is not good enough. It needs to be done right now before there is a reason to wait.

    2. Getting up the first time leaves more time for getting things done. Every time that I hit the snooze button I reduce the chance that I will have the time necessary to get everything done.

    3. There is ALWAYS a reason to not do something. Is the reason more important than the doing?

    4. Starting early leaves time for unexpected circumstances.

    5. Focusing on those times when energy is strongest leaves times for long baths, naps, long walks or other incentives that help build energy back up so that you can keep going.

    6. Determination to just get done goes a long ways toward getting it done.

    7. Completing a task is easier when the only results that are expected are that the task be completed.

    8. Seeing a half page full of check marks feels good!

This challenge has been good for me. The items on my list are not life changing but the act of doing them every day IS life changing. Consistency is becoming easier in my daily life and that will make a huge difference in my journey.

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