Silver Lining Vision – Developing Habits of an Optimist

Seeing the silver lining comes with practice.
Every cloud has a silver lining - if you look.

“It is raining again.” My husband told me.

“God is watering the flowers so we can launch our day lily and iris business.” I smiled.

“The person in front of us is driving to slow.” My son told me.

“Ah, but it gives us more time to enjoy the scenes around us.” I smiled.

They both mentioned that I could be annoying at times.

The normal way of looking at things involves seeing the problems. The EXTRAordinary way of looking at things embraces the possibilities.

Developing Silver Lining Vision

    – expect to see more than what is there. Look for the possibilities in each moment. It may be time to hear a great song, a moment with the family or just a chance to take a breath in a hectic day. There are possibilities to every situation, but it may require that you turn them around a few times in your mind to discover the possibilities.

    – speak the possibilities. Share what you discover with those around you. Share them with yourself if you are the only one around. Speaking the words will help you focus on the possibilities and will begin to crush the problems under their weight.

    – take a step towards the possibilities to bring them into probabilities. Actions breathe life into the possible. Developing the probabilities from the possibilities makes the impossible seem possible and changes the direction of your reality – but you have to take that step of action.

    – repeat the process until it becomes as natural as breathing. Seeing the possibilities goes against the normal and customary way of doing things. People will stare. People will probably talk. But keep on keeping on until there is nothing BUT silver linings surround your life.

Silver lining vision is not about living in a delusion. It is about refusing to allow circumstances to dictate the reality of the moment. Will you dare to live beyond the ordinary and begin to see your life with silver lining vision?

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