Living in Integrity – Study Proverbs Chapter Eleven

Take a moment to read chapter eleven in the Book of Proverbs. Listen for any of the verses that speak strongly to your heart. Write down any verses that stand out and meditate on those words during the week. Write out any questions that come up from the words you read in chapter eleven and pray over those questions or let those questions begin to guide your Scripture study for the rest of the week. Let the words of Proverbs begin to grow you to the Wisdom and Knowledge that will bring you to your life of peace.

The Book Of Proverbs Grows Integrity

Learning to be consistent with actions that are grounded in sound moral character will begin the process of growing integrity for your life. It does not have to be difficult to build up a life encompassed by integrity. It starts with honesty, combines with a humble spirit and the rolls over onto righteous decisions guided by a relationship with God.

The wicked perish. The unfaithful will be caught. But the man that chooses to walk in the Spirit and Guidance of God will be delivered.

Remember that words spoken with a hard heart will be considered a break of integrity.
Remember that a deal made with the knowledge that it is unfair will break integrity.
Remember that doing something you have felt led not to do (or NOT doing something you have been led to do) will break integrity.

Watch your words. Act with a heart for blessing others and being a blessing to God. You will discover that these two choices will bring you into a habit of integrity that will give you the righteous and blessed life that you desire.

Are you willing to step up today and grow integrity in your life?

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