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Making the Time to Work at Freelance Writing

Writing at home (or doing any work) can be frustrating on some days and just simply impossible on others. It doesn’t help my personal situation that my office is located smack in the middle of the house – in the kitchen no less. There are just days when it doesn’t seem like I can put a full sentence together. Forget about me making that deadline.

The last few months have been teaching me how to focus my mind on the task at hand. At the same time, I am learning to enjoy the fact that the children are always around me and that my husband prefers to stay up under my skin – at least that’s how I see it ;). The experiences that I’m having are making me a better writer, a better freelancer and a better person all around.

1. ALWAYS expect the unexpected. It doesn’t matter how well you plan your day – things are going to interrupt your plans. Today I had to sit with a dying squirrel, chase cows up the road, and deal with a “late notice” for a bill that had already been paid (and the payment cleared out account). Not a one of those items were on my to-do list and that to-do list is still laughing at me as I write this out.

2. NEVER put off anything that you can do right now. The television shows will repeat. The dishes will be there in the morning. If you put off getting that article done before the deadline then something will come up on the day of the deadline (see the previous point).

3. ALWAYS get up before the rest of the household. It will shock you how much you can accomplish when there are no email interruptions, phone calls or ear piercing cries for “mom.”

4. NEVER expect to get anything done first thing in the morning – particularly if you have small children or toddlers in the home. They are similar to bats – they can sense that you are awake and will come find you.

5. ALWAYS schedule out deadlines several days apart. Too much at one time will be overwhelming – especially if you are good at procrastinating and the deadlines crowd in on you.

6. NEVER turn down work that you can accomplish and that you feel is fair. One job may lead to the next – and the next job is what every freelance writer is searching for.

It can be done. It is possible to successful choose to work at home. The only requirements are the ability to multi-task, focus on one task at time with complete attention, be scheduled and organized and to always remain flexible.

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