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How to Take Actions to Overcome Broke and Broken

Waiting for broke before you make the decision to change things is like trying to bail a leaking boat with a spoon. Every action you take seems to be countered by negative results. It often feels like the better choice is to just give in.

Don’t wait for broke.

Broke is not fun.

The type of broke matters little. Whether you are broke physically, broke mentally, broke emotionally, or broke financially – broke adds to an already complicated world. When we are broke or broken then we want it fixed right now. Patience runs out the door and we are left screaming at the sky because it’s not fixed yet.

You can get through broke, but don’t wait.

Don’t Wait

  • Start now. Take one step today towards the life you want to live. It doesn’t have to be big as long as you take it.
  • Take time. Take time in the morning to look at your day. Take time at night to review how things went. Make adjustments as necessary. The sooner you notice trouble the easier it will be to correct the ship.
  • Help others. Be invested in being relentlessly helpful WITHOUT expectation of return.
  • Just say no. Be alert and aware of your own destination. Always saying yes can leave you “busy with much serving” while neglecting your own journey.

You don’t have to wait for broke before you make your change. Determine where you want to go. Take steps to get there. Say yes to helping others but say no when it hinders your journey or distracts you from your heartseed.

Daily Dose of Scripture

Join me over at the Practical Proverbs Facebook page to share thoughts on Scripture and to have a daily reading prompt and challenge.

Investing in the Word can be vital to creating a path out of broke. The Word also helps you avoid broke to begin with. Investing in daily bits of the Word will create a foundation for moving forward in purpose.

You can heal and live a whole life away from broke and broken. Start now.

Be blessed,

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