A Quiet House Makes Me Nervous or How NOT to Make Excuses

There are three active boys living in this house. The three year old is particular adept at keeping me on my toys. When silence fills the air, I know something is up. That’s where I am right this moment. It may be before 7 am, but the house feels to quiet. The quiet may be good for my work but it is not always a good sign.

It can be tough working at home. It is too loud, too quiet, or just too chaotic to get done what needs to be done. That’s the excuse that I make. The truth is that circumstances are never perfect for anything. I have to make the choice to do what I want to do and then I have to follow through with doing it.

    1. There is something that I can fix for the next meal and using the excuse of “there’s no milk or nothing is thawed” just because I don’t want to cook is selfish and keeps me from following through on what I know I need to do.

    2. The weather is always going to be too hot, too cold, too wet or too dry and the couch is always going to be just right. If I want to get out and play with the kids or just take a walk then I’m going to have to deal with the elements and get over it.

    3. Chocolate almost always tastes better than broccoli – particularly when it comes in frozen bite size snickers form. Eating because it tastes good is never good for my health no matter what I’m eating. I have to make the better and best choices to receive the better and best benefits.

    4. Things rarely follow my schedule despite how many different places I have it posted. Times change, activities are added and the unexpected comes up. I can let it stop me from following through or I can get creative in my doing (like writing in the doctor’s office or coming up with article outlines while waiting for the ballgame to begin).

The house is coming to life and there is no more quiet at this moment. It would be easy to say “I can’t work any more because the kids are up” or “I will have to wait until my husband gets home to get my writing done.” There is always an excuse to be used in anything that I do.

Following my path and fulfilling my purpose requires me to step out in action DESPITE the excuses. It’s not always easy to begin but it is usually a blessing for me and for those around me when I just get on with the getting on.

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