Repurposing Writing Content to Grow Income Opportunities

Repurpose for More Income
Most of us want to discover ways to make money with the writing we produce. Find ways to repurpose what you write and you can expand those income opportunities. Repurposing may also provide new ways to get exposure for who you are and what you write. The more ways you can discover for making money, the easier it will be to launch a full-time writing career.

Michael Hyatt blogs over at his website aptly named MichaelHyatt.com. He shares tips for writing, leadership, publishing and much more. Last year he released “Platform” which was a compilation of his blog posts focused on building a writing platform. All of the material is available for free on his website, but the book makes the material easier to use and much more convenient to find. He repurposed what he wrote.

Freelance writing can be exhausting work. Making a living as a free-lance writing often feels a lot like running uphill in sand (with flip-flops on). The queries take imagination, research and prayers. The content creation takes more imagination, more research and more prayers. With all of those resources invested into material, it is a good idea to take a cue from Michael Hyatt and make all that effort go even farther.

Tips for Repurposing

    – Take a long article that you have written for a business or your own site and repurpose it into smaller posts or articles. Avoid the urge to cut and paste. Rewrite the material but use the original as inspiration.

    – Package related articles into an eBook that you can sell through your website (or other available venues). You can also offer the compilations as free gifts to your readers or as an enticement for people to sign up to your email list.

    – Twist an article or an idea several different directions. You can pitch one article in a number of ways and meet the needs of different niche markets. By molding your query and the material in a new direction, you can take all of that research and have several different income opportunities.

    – Expand what you have written to meet a print publication guideline. Take a popular blog post that has struck a chord with your readers and expand that for the print market.

Make your words count. Use them – reuse them. Find ways to repackage and reinvent what you write. The more ways you come at the words, the more opportunities for income you will find are uncovered – all from the simple act of repurposing writing.

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