Falling of the Face of the Planet

Posting on my own websites have not been the priority as of late. My husband started a second shift job and I have simply been trying to survive. Have you ever been there?

Falling off the face of the planet hurts any writer. Several years ago I was an avid reader of Steven King. He was working on the next installment of the Gunslinger series (Wastelands had only been out for a little while) when he was hit by a van. It was a while before he wrote again. After being on the edge of my seat for each of those books, I have to this day not finished the series.

Connections are even more important for online writing. The only highly successful website that I know of that does not have regular content comes from Grizzly over at Make Money Online for Beginners. He posts on a sporadic schedule, but the words that he posts are almost always worth the time and effort to read. The thing that he does have plenty of is comments – from visitors, between visitors and between him and visitors. I guess that his comments are his consistent content and they also provide the valuable connection others desire.

Excuses eat success. I can give you a long list of the reasons that my writing has fallen off. Many of them are actually good. All of the excuses are hurting my forward progress to the freelance writing success that I desire. In the end, the only way I will ever get to where I want to be is if I go.

Momentum drives the words. Nothing frustrates me as much as having my fingers fly across the keyboard streaming amazing thoughts from my mind to paper only to have a small child (or not so small child) stand there and repeat a question over and over until the question chases the words right out of my fingers. That fresh steam of thought pours out easier when it has not been dammed or diverted. Regular writing keeps that momentum going.

Are you prone to falling off the face of the planet?

Are you putting your writing aside for other things?

Are you pushing on towards success or resting in the comfort of things as usual?

I do not guarantee that I will post every day. I do promise to try and post every week – things about self-publishing that I am learning, or information on getting critiques. I want to do better to keep my words and my name fresh on your mind. Connecting with you had to be a priority for my writing. Excuses will no longer justify my inaction. I have found my momentum and I am choosing to let it drive me to that place that I have seen in my dreams.

Dare to come along for the ride!

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  1. Hi Kathryn,
    Yes, I have not only fallen off the face of the planet, I’m floating around out there in space trying to grab hold of something that will pull me back to earth!
    I’ve had to take some employment that has not only kept me from writing but from mothering and homeschooling as well. It is all very frustrating but God is in control and we know that it is all temporary and for a greater purpose.
    Thanks for sharing. I now know I’m not the only one with this struggle.
    Have a great week,

    1. Sometimes just knowing I am not alone is all that I need to get going. And having that anchor of support gives me the ties to get back to earth. 😀

      Remember that your employment may not be for you – but for someone who needs to see or know you and all that you have.

      Use down times to keep up your writing. The words want to flow, so let them flow.

      Thanks for sharing – and for giving me the encouragement to get moving!

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