Change Begins with Confession

The only thing stand in my way is . . . ME. Even more powerful of a thought is that the place where I am is the exact place I have chosen to be. Even more powerful of a thought (or maybe it is more painful of a thought) is that the only way for me to get past where I am at this moment is for me to move.

I look around at my situation and I am not happy. I even find that at this moment I am not content – not because of God but because I know better and yet I chose worse.

My contentment will return when I make the better choices and keep making those better choices. Each choice will lead me out of this hole of regret that I have managed to dig and will get me back in line with the path that God has planned for me.

It begins with admitting that I have made the wrong choice, or at least not the best choice.

Admitting the Problem is the First Step to Change

    1. I admit that if other people are not doing what they are supposed to do then I fall in line. If my family is letting the chores slip (and by family I mostly mean my husband) then it is easy to let my chores slip.

    2. I admit that my wants often over-ride my needs. I may want that chocolate cake, but I may not even be hungry at the time. I just want what I want.

    3. I admit that I want an easy button. I want someone to wave a magic wand. I want the path to be painless and overnight. I want it to happen to me and not because I invested my energy into making it happen.

    4. I admit that I jumped before I could swim. I could doggie paddle and float, but I could NOT swim.

[tweetthis]You do need to jump to pursue your #success, but you also need to learn to swim first #makeaplan #hopesmith[/tweetthis]

    5. I admit that I have tried everything for a moment or two without being willing to invest the energy to measure the results of the trying.

    6. I admit that I know what to do but that I do not do what I know and instead seek out a way that will not require so much doing from me.

    7. I admit that I have given up and given in because I got tired of walking alone.

    8. I admit that I struggle with your success even though I invested in that success.

    9. I admit that making connections is easier than building relationships. Connections are the beginning – the hello of the journey. I can do that all day (and I have on many occasions). Relationships require sacrifice.

    10. I admit that I do not want to sacrifice what I want even if it will get me to where I desire.

These are raw and honest truths about my journey because the only way to break through is to be raw and honest – with you but also with myself. I have to change if I want to see change and I have to be diligent in that change if I want to see lasting results.

And I do.

Where is am right now is NOT where I want to be anymore. I may have chosen this path but today I am throwing down the mask and confessing so that I can change my direction.

Changing Directions

    1. I will only get to my desired destination if I measure my walk against my own steps. It is not about what others do (or what they do not do) but about what I do with each step.

[tweetthis]My journey is up to me. Only I can take me down the path of my #success[/tweetthis]

    2. Needs must be first in line – I need to spend time with God so that must come first. Interestingly, I have discovered that when I get this need right then the rest are a little easier.

    3. Getting past self is not always easy, but it is always simple. It may not be as simple as a magic wand, but it will be better and it will not expire at midnight.

    4. I took the leap into my purpose before I even understood what my purpose was. I did not plan. I did not prepare. But that does not excuse me from learning from the miss-step and making that plan now.

[tweetthis]I begin to #change where I am only when I admit that I need to change[/tweetthis]

    5. Nothing works until it is given a chance to work. If I put medicine on my wound and it does not heal when I put it there at that very instant, then wiping it off will negate what it could have done. If I put a seed in the ground and it does not sprout up in that instant so I dig it up and throw it away, I will never reap a harvest. I have to keep on in the change and measure how that change is affecting my journey. Then and only then will I be in a position to discard it or to continue in it.

    6. Knowing is only the beginning. I have to do what I know if I want to live in the blessings of that knowing.

    7. I am not alone – no matter what the world may say. I have to remember what God told Elisha (about having 7000 prophets hidden away). The world wants me living in despair because I lose my strength there. I am not alone.

    8. It hurts me to feel negative about the success of others because I know that my heart’s desire is that you succeed. But flesh tries to tell me that your success should have been my success. I KNOW BETTER! Your path is yours and my path is mine and we do not steal from each other along the way – as a matter of fact, your success only adds to and grows the success of those that you encounter.

    9. I have the time and I have the place so investing the relationships is simply the choice of making you the priority. Want to chat?

    10. I like being able to dictate each moment of my day – only I am beginning to understand that when I am walking where I am supposed to be I have way more freedom and control then when I am stuck in a hole.

Confession is good for the soul because it makes the way for correction and change. I refuse to stay in this hole of despair. With God’s help and with yours, I will make the choices that will create the path to change.

Be blessed,


My mask is off. Are you ready to take that chance? Share your thoughts and comments in the reply section below.

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