Freedom Grows Up from Discipline

NaBloPoMo Blog Post – Day One

“Go do your chores.” I had asked. I had pleaded. Now I was on the verge of ranting.

“No.” My son said and mumbled something else to me in his unique language. His brother was not around to translate.

“What did you say?” I asked the closed door with no luck of a response.

I made a list of the punishments that my son would be enduring over the next few days. It was important that he learn the value of discipleship.

Later that day I went in to present his punishments only to find that all of his chores had been completed. He had done what he had been asked even though he had responded with a definitive no.

I left his room thinking about the situation.

“I do that, too.” I told me because I was the only one in the room. Really, I was talking to God.

Too often I hear a directive or even just feel a nudge and I spout out my “no” and then wander off mumbling something only I can comprehend. I think we say no because we have no desire for others to tell us what to do.

But even with that “no” to God, I find that I am captured up in the schemes of others.

My son learned early on that if he says no to what I want then there will be repercussions. He has also learned from that discipline that there is freedom in obedience. He chose freedom.

Learning to Choose Freedom

    1. God knows better – and I should not only accept that but expect that. I think I know what I want or what would work out better for me – but God knows better.

    2. I can do it now or I can do it later – most of the time I end up doing it anyway so why not do it when I feel the direction from God. Waiting only adds stress and worry to the anticipation.

    3. Obedience makes room for more opportunities – when I do what I am led to do then I become a steward over even more potential and possibility.

I want to do what I want to do but I want to live in the blessings of God. I am beginning to understand why God puts teenagers in our lives. It does not work that way. If I want to live in the blessing – if I want to abound in freedom – then I have to choose to be obedient to His directions.

Be blessed,


NaBloPoMo November 2015

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