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Tips to Help Me Push Past the Quit

I started up at the ceiling trying to figure out how I was going to fix something I knew that I was not physically capable of fixing. I thought through the schemes and the projects and the programs that might get me somewhere – but they would not get me anywhere close to fixing it even if I combined them all together.

Despite all that I had done and despite the persistence that I did it, I was in a worse place than when I began. Maybe it was not worse, but it felt worse – in part because more things demanded that I was not moving forward and in part because I knew that I could have done more to move me in the right direction.

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The weight of feelings became unbearable, so I quit.

We have all been there – in that moment when we just shouted out “enough is enough” and we picked up our ball and went home. I sat there alone fuming about the unfairness of it all.

It may be unfair. It may be off balance. It may even be wrong.

I have the choice to let “it” dictate my journey or I have the choice to choose my own path.

Pushing Past the Quit

1. Do something. I got up and did my Scripture reading. It might not seem like much, but I have determined to get up and do my Scripture reading every morning for the last 30 days. Scripture reading is something.

2. Get encouraged. I invested some time on a Twitter chat listening to the wisdom of others and receiving encouragement from their journeys. Sometimes seeing what others are doing will give me the motivation to push on.

3. Share the hope. I took a moment to create a video and with each word that I recorded I felt a bit more embolden to pursue my next step. Sharing grows hope.

I know that things will come at me that will try to push me back into the darkness. I get that circumstances will not always align with the image I had in my head. I recognize that the journey I expected may not always resemble the journey that was designed for me to walk.

But most importantly, I BELIEVE that my journey is one of victory.

When I grab hold of that one belief then it becomes not only possible for me to push past the quit but impossible for the quit to hold me back.

Be blessed,

How do you push past the quit? What drives you to take that next step? Share your inspirations or breakthroughs in the reply section below

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