31 Day Challenge – Day 11 Already Looking Ahead

This challenge has helped me to refocus in ways I never imagined. It’s not that I’m all of a sudden doing more than ever before. Doing little things all the time is what is making the difference. Even when people try to get me upset (cause you KNOW people do that) I have my 14 little items to fall back on and know that I am moving forward.

Being stagnate has to be one of the worse places for any life. The longer that you sit there the more difficult it seems to get moving once again. The enormity of it all starts driving the inaction. All it really takes is to move one small hindrance and like a dam the blockage begins to fall. You only need to make one, small change to begin moving once again.

Changes That I See in Me

    1. I am spending more time with my family. It helps that I have relegated television in my life to something that I do when I’m grading papers – I kill two birds with one stone.

    2. The fire of creativity burns brighter each day. My fiction writing is coming back to life and the characters are better than ever before.

    3. My home is more welcoming. I am going out of my way to have company over at least once a week. It’s not a big to-do. It’s just friends sitting or playing or just enjoying one another’s company.

    4. Meal time is family time. I’m cooking again (and doubling recipes so that I can freeze extras and make quick meals when necessary). My youngest tells me that I cook love into all of his food and I believe he is right!

    5. I am relaxing more in ways that I haven’t in a long time. Reading has always been a passion, but I haven’t read more than three books in the last couple of years. I read my book as I put my youngest down for his nap so that I don’t feel like the time is wasted (and I’m not tempted to lay down and go to sleep myself).

    6. I have taken back control. There are times when we look to others to do things, to be things or to give things and when we look away from Christ we lose focus. I have been in that place for far too long. Now I am coming out of the storm into the peace and still. It is up to me. Looking to Christ and following His Way is the only path that will ever lead to my purpose.

The best is yet to come. Those words have always been a powerful part of my life but today they give more fuel to my determination. I know that I am capable of more. I know that my Father desires so much more for my life. And I know that where I am and where I am going is determined by my actions and attitude and not by my circumstances or situations.

Take control of your tomorrow by starting out with the little things today. A dam (no matter how big or small) can be broken by making one small hole. How will you begin to break down the hindrance in your life today?

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  • Hi Kathryn,

    Cooking love into every meal, gotta love that!

    I love this journey you’re on and the action you’re taking. And while I’m one of those types of people who is always taking action and rarely stop to look before I leap (not always a good idea) you’ve inspired me to kick myself in the butt in some areas where I was lagging. Areas where I wanted change but was using the “it’s too difficult” and “I’m too busy” excuses to prevent action.

    Have a lovely day!

    • Hey Annette – he’s three! And I’m always amazed at the things he can come up with.

      I’m thrilled that my journey is inspiring your own. That is just one more benefit I’ll be able to chalk up to this challenge at the end. Good luck with those places that you are getting after.