31 Day Challenge – Day 10 Expecting the Unexpected

The day can be planned to the minute. Things can be in place so that every item on the list can be implemented. But no matter how well you schedule or plan, something can come up. Yesterday I burned myself.

I cook all the time and am prone to burning my hand or arm or any where that the grease may fly when I’m not paying attention. These are burns that I can cover up and go on. Yesterday I leaned forward to turn off the stovetop and brushed up against the pot on the front eye as I did. It was HOT and I knew immediately that I was burned (I’m going to let YOU figure out where I was burned :D).

Circumstances happen that can throw off the schedule. You have the choice to give up or to change up when things occur. The only way to ever succeed at your purpose is to continue to go on no matter what circumstances may come your way.

Going with the Flow

    1. Fighting the current will always tire you out. Using the current to move you along may mean a little hike later but it will get you to shore so that you can continue on your journey.

    2. Action is the only way to change and change is the only way to progress.

    3. There is always an excuse. Success means choosing NOT to make an excuse.

    4. Results come from the doing and not the planning.

The excuses often seem easier and are almost always legitimate. I burned myself. No one could expect me to finish my list. But even with a burn I knew that everything left to be done could be done. I had a choice. I chose to complete my challenge for the day and then call it a night.

What choices are you making?

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