Choose the Right Focus

Choose the Right Focus to Find the Life You Desire

I have to choose the right focus if I want to reach the right place in my life. Today I started. I spent the morning in the Word. It has been years since I did that. Moving along in the same ole same ole became comfortable. Writing words seemed more important that studying THE WORD – or maybe my words just blocked out the calling.

No matter what my excuse, and it would be an excuse, I had let the Word become secondary (if anywhere) in my life.

This morning the Word was all that mattered, and because I did choose the right focus, I made room for everything else to fall into place.

My new found (or refound) desire to choose the right focus started yesterday, when I was a few clicks away from ordering a supplement to help me get rid of this extra weight I have been carrying around. The pictures looked promising and I wanted to be one of those before and after shots.

Before I hit the “buy now” button, that still, small voice in my head became not so still or small. “You KNOW what you need to do.”

I know that to lose the weight I have to take in fewer calories than I burn. I also know that does not mean I have to follow a particular diet or exercise routine. It does mean that I have to listen closer to that still, small voice so that it does not go hoarse trying to get my attention. It does mean that I have to sacrifice my wants for my needs. It does mean that I have to choose to put into my body what is good, positive and uplifting for my body (just like I need to be doing for my mind – but that is a WHOLE different journey and we are taking one step at a time).

Ultimately, that means sacrificial choice – and that just seemed more difficult to swallow than the little pill in the advertisement.

It is always that way. I want what I want, but I am not willing to do what I need to do to get what I want. I prefer the short cuts, the easier path, or having it handed to me on a platter. Sometimes the blessings do come in miraculous ways, but even at those times it usually happens when I have made the choice to be where I need to be to see the blessings appear.

In the end, no matter how I slice it, I have to choose to do what I know to do and have the boldness to sacrifice the rest . . . at least for a time.

So today I focus on the Word, and that focus made it possible for me to choose better, do more and reach out to help others with a different attitude than I have had I a long time. Tomorrow, instead of wondering what I can do to make it work, I think I will work at finding more ways to choose the right focus and make the Word a priority for the rest of my day.

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