Study Proverbs to Find Wisdom and Understanding

Study of Proverbs – Chapter Nine

Before you begin the process of discovering your wisdom, take a moment to read Proverbs Chapter 9. Write down any verses or thoughts that stand out while you read. See how the words connect with where you are in your journey today. Write down any questions or concerns that you might uncover while you read. Keep in mind that each time you read the results will often be different. God works with each of us where we are right now – and those two places are never the exact same.

Wisdom Cries Out to Those that Listen

Wisdom calls out to the world. She sends out her maids to invite people into the palace that she has built. She desire to share the perfection. I am not required to seek it out because she is investing in calling out to me.

It all begins with my relationship with the Lord. That relationship marks the beginning of Wisdom. I will never be in the place to attain wisdom if I am not first in a right, reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord. And it is only in learning to know God that I will be in a place of understanding.

The way of Wisdom offers me everything including days that are multiplied and life that is increased.

But Foolishness also calls out to me. She stays at her doorway and only calls out in a voice that can be heard by those that are passing by. Her way leads to darkness, destruction and death.

So – Wisdom seeks out, cries out and prepares perfection – for me – so that I can live the exceeding, abundant life in a personal and intimate relationship with the Lord. And Foolishness sits and waits for me to come to her.

It should be easy. All I need to do is to stay on the path of Wisdom and I shall avoid Foolishness. I choose. Life in Wisdom or death in ignorance. But it is that one choice that often leads me into the wrong path.

Lord, help me to have an ear only for Wisdom. Help me to choose to follow Your leading and Your calling and to stay on the way that will give me life.

What will you do today that will bring you closer to Wisdom?

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