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How to Be a Doer of the Word

Doer of the Word - James 1:22“Be a doer of the Word. Practice what you learn. Don’t just be one that hears and doesn’t act.” – from James 1:22

I stare out at my daylily garden every day as I go for my walk. Despite how easy it is to see it, I can’t enjoy the flowers it produced.

Several years ago, my “team” quit. And by “team” I mean my family and by quit I mean they had other things they needed to do. It was all up to me.

Several years ago, I stuck my pitchfork into a yellow jackets nest – not one time, but two different times in one week. I became paranoid of any plants that might contain those hidden foes.

Several years ago . . . well, you get the picture. Things happened. Things came up. Things got in the way. And I because of things I didn’t get done the things that needed to get done to keep the weeds out of the garden.

Life is no different. There are things trying to get in the way of your heartseed blooming into its full design.

When you become a doer of the Word and put into practice the lessons and Wisdom you learn from the Word then you take the purposeful actions necessary to prepare and maintain the ground despite all the things determined to hold you back.

How to Become a Doer of the Word

    doer of the word

  • Start with investing in the Word. You can’t act on something you don’t know. And take the time to learn it on your own. Learn from others, but invested in learning for yourself.
  • Make practice a priority. Set aside a purposeful action or Scripture focus to practice every day until that practice becomes habitual. Get others involved in the journey by setting up Word practice challenges. The more you make Word practice a priority the more natural it becomes.
  • Stop resting on your but. There will always be an excuse (call it a reason or a block if you want but the results are still the same). As long as you rest on your but you will be hindered in practicing the Word that you’ve learned.

  • Be okay with starting fresh. Every day is new. Just because you didn’t do it yesterday doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t do it today. Just because you did it yesterday doesn’t mean you can skip today. Make every day count and be invested in practicing the Word daily.

You can have the prettiest garden in the world full of abundant flowers and plants, but if you don’t practice maintaining your garden then it will be worth little to anyone. If you want to have a life lived in purpose and on purpose then you have to make the choices to take the actions in the Word that will move you there.

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