Missed Opportunity

Last week I wrote about the competition over at The Knight Agency. Last night, I prepared for the event by reviewing my three pages, creating a post to be cut and pasted and even setting three alarms. This morning, I pushed two wrong buttons that resulted in my post landing at number 140. I missed out – or did I?

The competition sparked a renewed fire for the words I have crafted. I shared the first three pages (which would have been sent had I landed just 15 spaces sooner – stupid refresh button) with some friends and strangers and their excitement helped boost my excitement.

All the focus for my writing these last several months surrounded my non-fiction work. I think, in the very back of my mind, the idea that I was a fiction writer had been released. My purpose would be to spread encouragement and inspiration through the spoken and written word. It was what I was doing and so it was what I expected to do.

Today hope sprung up anew! I may not have been one of the 125 lucky speed daters, but I am blessed to be a writer that has a passion for words and the desire to pursue that passion passed the missed exits, troubled manuscripts and failed NaNo attempts.

What will you do with your missed opportunity?

Tips for Turning a Miss into a Hit

    1. Realize that tomorrow brings another opportunity and spend today preparing for the event. Luck comes when you have prepared for the opportunity that lies ahead.

    2. Rekindle the love for your words. Read over what you have written. Find a phrase or a moment that excites you about your story and let that be the light that guides you to pursue with boldness your desire to see the words shared.

    3. Build a well of encouragement. Surround your life with people that believe in the possibility and support the dream. The more that you hear you can do it the more you will live a life that shows you ARE doing it!

It may look like I missed an opportunity, but the reality of my situation is that hope has been reborn. I know that the words I have written have a purpose and my boldness for that purpose will not be quenched because of a few comments that beat me to this particular punch.

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