Cost of Self Publishing

Publishing on your own has probably never been easier or less expensive than right now. Some major publishing companies of branched off into the self-publishing arena. Book sellers also have publishing branches.

To add to the interest in self-publishing, many of the larger companies have put most of the marketing work on the shoulders of the authors that they do carry. Many writers feel that if they are doing all the work then they deserve all the pay.

Unexpected Costs of Publishing on Your Own

    • Publishers have a stake in your writing. Some quotes and phrases will need written (and sometimes paid) permission to be included in your work. A publisher will not want to have that liability and should help you get the necessary documentation to keep your book from getting in trouble after being published.

    • Cover art is not a cut and paste project. The stock photos pulled from the internet for a blog will not fly for the cover of a book. A publisher will likely have in-house artists that will create art unique for your work.

    • Connection in the industry can mean the difference between a book getting into a store and being stuck in reading purgatory. Publishers will have more chain store connections to help place your book where buyers can find it.

The cost of publishing on your own is not just in the printing and editing. Finishing the project off and then getting it into the stores can be expensive. Liability can also be a challenge. Knowing all of the factors involved with self-publishing will help you decide if that is path that you want to explore.

What unexpected costs to you see in the process of self-publishing?

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