Mistakes of a Freelance Writer

My launch into full-time freelance writer started in 2005. Six years later I am still trying to get my sea legs. The more I learn about freelance writing the more I understand that I need to discover.

Top Mistakes Made as a Freelancer

    1. Spending the money before the check clears – when I first started out, I would could the work I completed as income. There were several times when the money never arrived or arrived late. Both times it hurt my budget because I planned on money that I never received.

    2. Jumping into a job without understanding the details – there is nothing as frustrating as spending the time and effort to complete a project only to find out that was NOT the project the client wanted.

    3. Jumping into a job without a signed agreement – almost as frustrating to not doing the right project is doing the right project and not getting paid.

    4. Investing in unnecessary items or software – every little bit can count when it comes to freelance income. Although the expenses may be used as deductions when tax time rolls around, if I can live without it then I need to do just that until the finances are in the bank specifically to cover that account.

The journey may not be easy, but it can be maneuvered. No matter where you are in your freelance career, continue to pursue learning. Mistakes may happen, but let them be the chance to understand a better way to reach the level of success that you desire.

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