Bad Habits, Thorns and Splinters – Breaking Free

Bad habits are like thorns piercing the spirit. Thorns and splinters will work their way down into the skin if they are not removed. They cause infection and even death if they are not dealt with. The process of breaking bad habits requires similar actions to that of removing a splinter.

Getting the Splinter Out

    1. Be patient – sometimes you have to work around the splinter to get it to a place where it can be easily removed.

    2. Ask for help – there are times when you can not remove the splinter on your own. It may be too deep or in a location that you can not easily reach.

    3. Choose someone you trust – you do not want just anyone digging around in your skin. Pick someone that will have some compassion but that will press hard when necessary to get the splinter moving.

    4. Be prepared – there are times when a little pain is needed to get the splinter out. Small pain endured today will help remove the potential of severe pain in the future if the splinter was not removed.

    5. Persistence goes a long way – sometimes you have to work with the splinter for a while before you can pry it loose.

    6. Clean up after you clean out – getting the splinter out is only part of the job. You need to clean up the area so that infection can not sneak in despite all of your efforts.

The body feels better and acts better when the bad habits are gone – just like the skin feels better when the splinter is removed. Thorns – bad habits – have a way of grabbing you and locking on before you realize they are there. It may take some time and effort to get free, but freedom will come with persistence.

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