Expectations and Choices

The people were waiting. At the time that Jesus came upon the scene, the people were waiting and looking and expecting. But so many still missed it.

I am the same way. I spend so much time waiting and looking that sometimes I just miss it. God does His part but I am so caught up in the expectation that I skip my part. The path has been laid out – in detail. But I still sit – waiting and expecting.

Or I was.

The other Sunday I really listened to the words that were being sung by the Praise band. Asking God to take His place on the throne of my praise means nothing in reality. God is in me. There is no way for Him to dwell outside of my praise. The words were exciting and emotional but they were empty. They were like my waiting.

I decided right then it was time to change. I started slow and built up to a full fast. The first three days I fasted from sweets. The next three days I ate only raw fruits and vegetables. The last three days I had only liquids (mostly water with a little fresh lemon squeezed in it).

Fasting is not easy. Not because it is difficult to go without food. I will go out on a limb and say that three days of not eating is nothing for the body. If I was lost in the wilderness or stuck on a boat then I would be fine. The problem is that I am CHOOSING to go without food.

The difficult part of a fast is the choice. Each day I had to make a deliberate choice to do what I had set out to do. The truth is that if I had not actually told others about the fast then I would have given up. My flesh cried out for me to give up. And each time I distinctly heard “it is your choice.”

God did not force me into a fast. But the fast reminded me that everything I do in my life is a choice. And everything that I deal with is a result of the choices that I make.

Today I start choosing the best that God has for my life. I choose to listen to His direction and guidance and stop listening to the flesh (which will ALWAYS lie to me). Today I choose to step out in action instead of waiting expectantly.

The difference between a life of blessing and a life of cursing comes back to a choice. What do you choose?

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