Lift Each Other Up

The other day was a hard day. Besides being physically tired, my entire being felt completely beat down. It was time to quit (quit writing, quit cleaning and basically quit trying since I seemed to be moving backwards anyway). My normally positive side had definitely gone on vacation. Fortunately I was blessed that an IM friend was online during my bleakest moments. She coaxed me through without even trying.

Before calling it a night, I sent out emails for about a dozen possible jobs. I was determined to earn more for my efforts than the $2 so many online publishers want to pay. My IM friend and I departed ways determined to spend the next few days sending out queries as well.

I also decided to do a little positive reading before calling it a night. I started with scripture (I try to read one chapter of Proverbs before bed). I found it refreshing that I was starting back at the beginning of Proverbs on this particular night. I also read a part of a chapter in “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude.” I went to sleep determined to have a bright new morning.

Not only did the morning start bright and sunshiny, but my husband apparently caught the determination as well. He was up before me (if you know him then you know how shocked I was – I thought the house must be on fire for HIM to get up at that hour) and was out doing chores before the sun came over the mountain. That was the most positive reinforcement I could ever receive.

As for me, I’ve already received a response from one of the contacts last night. It pays more and is on a subject that I truly enjoy. The bible devotion that I receive every morning had the title “Break Through the Wall.” And my frustration over yesterday has flittered away. I am POSITIVE that I will break through. To quote a song I love, “You can mark my words, something is about to break.”

The point of all of this is that tomorrow really will get better. Giving up CAN NOT be an option. That is why it is so important to have a support system that can help carry you through to a new day. Join an online group, start a group in your home, but get people in your life that will help you do all that you desire to do.

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