Break Writer’s Block with Ten Simple Tips

Writer’s block causes freelance writers around the globe to tremble. No words translates into no paychecks – and no paychecks is never a good place to find yourself.

Nothing frustrates writers faster than not being to write. Sitting, staring at the blank space and hoping for something to miraculously show up just makes it more difficult to get words to flow. Writers want to write, but writer’s block keeps the words from complying to that desire.

Fear not – you can overcome.

10 Tips to Knockout Writer’s Block

    1. Keep a folder of inspirational quotes, sayings, and images that make you smile. A smile can do wonders for breaking the words free.

    2. Get connected with a group – online or in person. It all becomes a little easier when you know you are not alone.

    Breaking through Writers Block

    3. Remember – it is NOT as bad as it seems. You just look stuck. You just feel stuck. You are not really stuck. All you need to break through the writer’s block, the fog, or the darkness is to notice that little light trickling through. It is there!

    4. Write something. You may not be able to find the words you need for the current project. You may not be able to write what you are expecting. Write SOMETHING. Comment on a post. Shoot of a few tweets. Make a journal entry. Write a letter to the editor. Get words moving and soon the words will be flowing in the direction that you desire.

    5. Read to write. Set down the pencil or back away from the computer. Stop trying to write and just read something. Words that excite you from others will often break through your own writer’s block.

    6. Find a happy place – or build one if you must. Create a retreat location where you can get away from it all. Find a place where you can be free – free to let your mind wander and chase down the words that you need. Imagination is the great slayer of writer’s block.

    7. Get organized. Clutter clutters up everything. Cutting back, clearing out and straightening up leaves more time, more energy, more space and even more finances. Less really is more.

    8. Eject, reject and neglect the negatives. Choosing the things that are good, encouraging and uplifting for your focus. Let the rest of it go.

    9. Get a mental picture of the end result. See the finish line. See yourself doing it. See what it looks like when you are done. Get the image in your mind and lock it there. Seeing it will settle it. Settling it will make it possible for you to find a way.

    10. Set a deadline. Break the project into mini-projects if you must, but have a time limit and stay within that time limit. Be realistic, but still challenging. Be sure to include incentives for your deadlines (like time to go to a meeting or party, a new software program or maybe a great writing book). Knowing there is a finish and a reward can give you the fuel to drive right through any writer’s block trying to stand in your way.

The only thing stopping you is you. Break through. Push on. Keep moving. Refuse to let something as silly as writer’s block stop you from reaching your success.

Ready to break the block?

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