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Define Your Why to Pursue Unique Success

Define your why. If you want to live your life in bold purpose then you need to start by defining your reason and your why.

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Words hold a special place in my heart. I enjoy the way words can dance on a blank page, painting images and stories. Words have power. Words can be used to grow up possibilities or words can be used to crush those very possibilities into dust.

When you find something that you enjoy and that sparks a passion in your heart then pursue that something with bold purpose until you hold it tight in your hand.

Defining these focuses will guide you in their pursuit.

Why are You Writing

Why I Write

  1. I write because I have a story to share – sometimes it is a true life story, sometimes it is a made up story, sometimes it is a story with a deeper meaning, and sometimes it is a story for fun.
  2. I write because I want to share hope – because I know that in my own walk a word of hope at the right moment has made the difference.
  3. I write because I love words – I love playing with sounds and sentence structure to catch the attention and imagination of those that read the words.

It is up to you to define your own unique reasons. Why do you do what you do? What ignites your desire to take your next step?

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Things to Know about Kathryn the Writer

  • I got my first rejection letter in 1987 but didn’t get any more for almost two decades. I didn’t get any more rejections because I cringed at the rejection and refused to try again. Although years later when I went back and read it with fresh eyes, it wasn’t a rejection but a permission slip of sorts. I was only 17 at the time of submission so the company was requires to get parental consent – had I been more understanding I might have been publishing this whole time.
  • I got my first paying job on a lark. I happened to notice a call for local writers in the regional paper just days before the deadline to submit. Each writer would publish a column one week out of the month. I turned out to be the fifth top writer – but they ended up running my column monthly anyway.
  • I won the first ever SouthEastern Literary Tourism Initiative Short Story Contest. The SELTI story had to be focused around Moundville – which happened to be one of my family’s favorite Alabama attractions. The short story sparked a new writing adventure with a focus on tourism and fiction. The Scouting Out Adventure books not only feature Alabama locations, but also combine letterboxing with the books.
  • Define your why

  • I learned to speak the words “I am a Writer,” at the Southern Christian Writers Conference in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Vanessa Griggs provided the challenge to speak those words during her keynote address that year. I haven’t stopped saying it since – and challenge people on a regular basis to speak their own declarations.

Share your reasons of why with me. I look forward to hearing your stories and to growing from the sharing. You are unique. Dare to live your uniqueness and you will discover that you really can fly.

Be blessed,
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Know Your Why

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