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How to Overcome the Force of Inertia

The force of inertia holds you where you are and keeps you from moving to where you want to be. Inertia keeps you comfortable in your uncomfortable place so you don’t take a step into your possibilities. Sometimes the only way to break the force of inertia is to move.

break the force of inertia

My day started behind. It probably had something to do with staying up the night before into the early morning hours, but it didn’t help that the rain-drenched sky refused to announce the morning. I count on the sun to get me going.

Whatever the reasons, I slept in which means I started behind.

The morning continued off-balance. It might have had something to do with the wound I had from nearly knocking myself out throbbing every time I made a facial expression (and if you know me you know that going without making facial expressions is almost as impossible as talking with my hands tied), but it didn’t help that my computer and printer were still feuding which kept me from doing my own work.

Whatever the excuses, I struggled to stay stray and on target.

It’s no wonder I didn’t want to leave the house. I was comfortable under my blanket and dreading moving – forward, back, up . . . the direction didn’t matter.

I had made a commitment to others, so in the spirit of being relentlessly helpful, I decided to go despite the lure of inertia calling me not go.

As soon as I got going, I got excited about going. My computer and printer negotiated a truce and I was able to print off the papers I wanted to share. My enthusiasm grew, and as it grew my energy expanded.

Sometimes the easiest way to overcome the force of inertia is to start moving.

Overcome the Force of Inertia

  • Refuse to give negatives control. Instead of being directed by the no, the not, or the don’t find a positive to drive the choice. Don’t let the don’t direct you (does that count as a double negative and therefore make a positive?)
  • Know the reasons for your actions. Having a firm hold on your why will help you choose your what. You can overcome the force of inertia when you have a drive to go.
  • Get others involved. Accountability can be a powerful inertia mover. By inviting others or by telling others you will be more compelled to do what you said you’d do even when you don’t want to (in the moment).

There is always a reason not to do. There is always an excuse that will hold you back. You can choose to get up and pursue your possibilities or you can rest in the force of inertia.

How will you choose?

Be blessed,
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