Life Sucks – Finding the Motivation to Keep Going

Finding the Motivation to Do Something
(Even When Nothing is Going My Way)

Life sucks . . . the life out of me; the energy out of me; and the hope out of me. When I make the choice to turn my direction over to the chaos of life then a train wreck is in my near future. Life will melt away my motivation and will smash me into walls. The only way to protect myself from the impending disaster is to find a focus that will give me back the control.

It all begins with motivation.

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I had a dream. I would write a book that would stir the world and grow up overflowing hope in all that encountered the words. Okay, the real dream went more like this: I would be walking down the street and a great agent would tackle me and force me to sign a contract that would lead to a publishing contract and a seven-figure advance that would lead to a best-selling ever book that would provide income for me and my posterity.

I know I am not alone in that dream.

I did start moving forward in my dream and desire to work with words several years ago.

I wrote a book – but nothing happened.

I listened to what THEY had to say and I built a platform (have you ever tried building anything with two toddlers on your hips). My platform was not perfectly square, but I am not all that normal myself so it fit. Still, nothing happened.

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I doubled down on what THEY said and I wrote more books. I added to my platform. I did more in more places. Still, there was nothing.

I had made a choice to anchor to my words and my words began to pull me under, which meant my family also was pulled down. The more I looked around the more it felt like nothing was going my way.

I was out of money. I was out of time. I was out of motivation.

Finding Motivation in the Storm of Nothing

  • Understand that NOTHING is a relative term. There were a few things going my way even if it was not all that I wanted or needed. One thing going my way is something and focusing on something can break the hold of nothing.
  • Accept responsibility. As much as I would like to put the blame on the shoulders of THEY, the blame must sit on my shoulders. I am where I chose to be – maybe it was one small choice at a time that piled up to big choices, but it was my choice.
  • The only way out is action. I can think about it. I can plan for it. I can learn about it. I can seek advice about it. Until I do something, I will not get anywhere.

I will get closer as long as I keep working at moving closer. I need to keep learning about where I am going but I also have to do something. Nothing will only win when I do nothing. Life sucks only when I make the choice to give it control.

Be blessed,

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  • Thanks for the motivation Kathryn! Was feeling a bit overwhelmed and under motivated to P.U.S.H. but hey …gotta push to keep moving right???

    Here’s to our dreams and the Dream Giver who is already there ahead of us!!!

    Be blessed!

    • Thank you for stopping in Deborah – it is indeed a blessing to be encouraged by each other and by the One that gave us the dream in the beginning.

      Be blessed,