What You See (Is NOT Always What You Get) – Study of the Book of Proverbs Chapter Sixteen

Developing heart vision is an important part of a Proverbs life because the eyes do not see everything. Living a Proverbs life requires developing the skills to see with the heart. Take a moment to read Chapter Sixteen in the Book of Proverbs. Write out any verses that catch your attention. Spend some time meditating on that verse. Let the words begin to help you discover how to see with the heart.

Develop Heart Vision

God makes the Way. Man can (and should) prepare, but it is all from the Lord. It comes from the Hands of God – all of it.

So commit to the Ways of God. Trust in the Ways of God. Walk daily, consistently, in the Ways of God. Then – in His Way – your purpose is established.

The key to overcoming whatever hindrances stand in your life lies in mercy and truth – the favor that comes from boldly pursuing the Light in all and through all.

Make plans – then follow the promptings of God. Walking with God brings peace. Living in Righteousness bring honor. Walking in the Light preserves the soul.

It all comes back to trusting that God has a Way, God makes the Way, and God is the Way. This wisdom produces an overflowing wellspring of life.

Find your way to a life led by heart vision and you will begin to discover contentment in a life of Peace and Joy.

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