Steps for Success in Life

Top Steps to Experience More Success in Life

I want more success in life. I want to experience that place beyond “just enough.” If I want to have more and be more then I have to be willing to give more. My deposits will directly determine my withdrawal capabilities.

[tweetthis]What I put in will determine what I receive in my journey to success in life.[/tweetthis]

My mind wanders to the wants more than it probably should. I find myself thinking about that successful writing career – especially when bill time rolls around. I feel that craving for a deeper walk with Jesus – especially after a great worship or experience. I want a healthier body – especially when the favorite pants become a little more than just snug.

I want it all.

My struggles happen because I want someone to wave a magic wand and make it happen. I prefer to rest where I am and still get to where I want to be.

Nothing changes until something changes. Even with a magic wand, I will be back to the same resting spot before I know it – UNLESS change occurs. I have to adjust my heart, redirect my steps and shift my attitude.

I have to give to get:

Give up the spot on the couch to get active in my day.
Give up the social media surfing to get more words written on my book and articles.
Give up the Netflix marathons to get more time with the Word.

I have to give a piece of self away if I want to withdraw a peace of spirit.

Giving Up to Get that Success in Life

    – I have to give up my wants until my wants align with His will. I may want to sit around and snack all day, but I know from experience that my body will NOT be happy. I may want to sit and “get inspiration” from the endless supply of cat videos online, but I know from experience that not any of my writing has been directed by those videos (unless you count right now and that is not much of a return on that investment). It takes a deliberate choice of better to help me get closer to those deeper wants I have for my life.

    – I have to give up my time to make time for all of the betters for my life. Time can never be recreated. I have one chance to spend my time – to invest my time. I need to choose to regulate the time investment with more diligence and awareness than even my financial events. I can make more money but I will never make more time.

    [tweetthis]I can make more money but I will never make more time.[/tweetthis]

    – I have to stop thinking about what I will get for my efforts. Sometimes the benefits are the action of doing. Choosing to be consistent in a positive action creates its own rewards. Sometimes the more that I receive is the blessing from being a benefit in the lives I have encountered. My journey to success in life will only move forward when I choose to think of others.

    – I have to think beyond my limited vision. My success in life lines up with Gods plan in and for my life. I will never become what I want without Him in my life because He desires more for my life and has planned more for my life than I could ever begin to comprehend.

I want, but am I willing?

My journey requires a change of direction that stems from a change in attitude. Before I can arrive, I much take the steps to move in the better direction. I have to give a little, change a little and become the better me if I am going to discover my path to success in life.

Be blessed,

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