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Writing Christian Books OR Writing as a Christian – Is There a Difference?

She asked me if I wrote Christian books. I paused and thought about it. “I guess all of my books are Christian books because I write from my heart and in my heart I am a Christian.”

“I write Christian books because I write from my heart and in my heart I am a Christian.”

Tweet: “I write Christian books because I write from my heart and in my heart I am a Christian.”

It is not that I set out to preach to the reader. It is not that I have designed some set template that meets the current parameters of the Christian market. I write what I am experiencing in my non-fiction and I confess that it bleeds into my fiction as well.

I continued to think over her words. Would it be such a bad thing if I did actively seek to write Christian books? Other industries have created strong “Christian markets.” Several decades back, the Christian music industry was NOT at its peak. It seemed the only people that listened to the Christian music were already deep within the Christian community.

The industry grew and changed and several specifically Christian songs have crossed over into the secular industry. Many of the artists are now saying they are just following God’s direction in the creation of the music.

I see the same growth and change in the movie industry. This year has seen amazing strides in the “Christian” movie genre.

But back to that first lady and the question she set before me.

Several months back I attended a writers’ conference. One of the speakers said something that profoundly affected how I look at my words today (when I remember to focus on them – that is). “If God put it on your heart to write and publish the words then He will put it on the heart of someone to read those words.”

So yes ma’am, I do write Christian books.

Christian writer writing Christian Books

Why I Write Christian Books

    1. I believe in the good, positive and uplifting. Focusing on the positive feeds my heart and ignites my inspiration. That simple idea is repeated throughout Scripture. I may say it in a different way – Southern has been mistaken for a foreign language on more than one occasion – but I seek to put the ideals of the Scripture in all of my writing.

    2. You truly do write what you know – whether you recognize it or now. I have read material supposedly set in the South and laughed out loud at the perceptions (or more misperceptions) that others have of Southern living. I am a Christian – I will not beat you over the head with my Bible, but my Bible does direct my actions and my behavior and therefore my words (at least when I am making the choices to pay attention to the Bible).

    3. I know that the hope of it all comes from the Wisdom in Scripture – and if there is no hope in what I am offering then why even bother.

    4. Every character I write has a part of me dwelling in them. I am their creator after all. And if being a Christian is a fundamental part of me then it will creep into them (sometimes without them even realizing it).

It may be different for you. Actually, I KNOW that it is different for you. You are on your own unique path – and that is a good thing. We may have similar ideals and similar paths, but we are different because we are different.

What do you write? Hopefully you write a little of your heart and a little of your life with maybe a bit of your own soul thrown into the mix. Neil White told us that we needed to “Write what terrifies you because it is the only thing worth reading.”

“Write what terrifies you because it is the only thing worth reading.”


Being honest about who I am and where I am walking can be a challenge in a world that prefers to bury the Christian. But I do write Christian books and I am working to live in a way that reveals that even more than my words.

Be blessed,


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