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1 Simple Tip Helps You Find Your Focus

“Goddess pose should be called squatting to pee in the woods.”

That’s one of the many thoughts that have been running through my head during the yoga classes I’ve been taking. It’s a good thing that people aren’t sitting close enough to me to whisper to them. I’d spend as much time laughing as I would trying to place my left arm under my right arm while twisting my left hip into alignment with Mars.

And did I happen to mention I’m directionally challenged? Every time they call out left or right, it takes me a second to remember which is which. The instructor called out the wrong direction today and I ended up on Venus.

Last weekend, I had a breakthrough that cascaded from my work to my yard to my relationships and right into yoga. I’ve wanted to get back into a class for years, but because I live so far from the gym, I’ve always talked myself out of the idea. “Just go outside and walk to the mailbox,” I’d tell me. In my defense, the round-trip to my mailbox is a ½ mile.

But when you are going it alone, it can be easier to not do what you want to do (and often what you need to do).

With a new flow of energy fueled from being unstuck in other areas, I leaped into yoga with my friend, Lori. At least, I thought she was my friend. As I sit here listening to my body explain it knows what I did to it, I wonder about how much she likes me and how much she was trying to get revenge for something I didn’t even know about.

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Would you believe this is a selfie I took during class?

But I digress.

No matter what it looks like, or what you call it, you need to find ways to get around others with a focused desired that aligns with you. It doesn’t have to be a coach, or a class, or an organized event (although it can be). It just needs to be people that will accept you and encourage you and laugh when you (because if you are going to go to yoga with me, there will be laughter). It will make all the difference.

What is it you want to do? Ask a friend to join you. Inviting others to join you in the journey will push you to a new level of accountability.

And if you want to join me for yoga, I’ll be attending each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – just don’t tell my body.

Be blessed,
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