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Define Your Believe Point in 5 Steps

You need a believe point. You need to anchor yourself in the point of “this is what is” so that no matter what comes along – storms, whispers, shouting, change – you will be able to hold tight to what you believe about your journey and purpose.

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Inspiration and Hope

March 30, 2020

Daily Dash of Twisted Encouragement

Define Your Believe Point

Believe you can until you do. It seems simple enough, but the challenge comes in the believe point. You have to believe it so much and you have to settle it so far down into your knower that the whispers of the world won’t hinder you.

There will also be shouting, but often the shouting is the easiest part to ignore. It becomes more noise – like the thunder during the storm.

It’s the quiet that ushers in the most damage. In the quiet, the winds twist into a powerful force that will blow you away.

Believe even in the quiet.

I woke up knowing that I could do anything. I went into the kitchen to start the coffee when a sudden quiet filled the house. The wind outside stopped. No birds welcomed the morning.

I yelled for the kids and they ran to the hall just as a tornado went over our home. We were safe. Our home was mostly intact (with the addition of three threes now perched in the living room wall). We had acted in the quiet.

I woke up determined to have an amazing day. I cooked breakfast for my husband and son then sent them off to school. I sat down, alone, and the quiet gathered around me. Fear began to whisper how my dreams were really delusions and I should give up and move on.

Whispers in the quiet break a believe point built on sand. Build your it on the rock, and it will be able to withstand even the whispers in the quiet.

I woke up to a world shouting for the answer to be presented by THEY. I went to the Word because the Word is where I start my day. The Word promised more and different than the world and THEY could ever reveal. I began to build one founded in the Word.

The world kept shouting. The more the world shouted, the more my believe point began to shake. When THEY added their voice, for a moment, I felt I would break.

I continued to reinforce the believe point with the Word and each reinforcement gave me a little more hope and a little bit of strength to stand.

That’s all it takes. A little bit more will help you feed a believe point that can make it through.

Feeding the Believe Point

  • Define your believe point. What you believe will determine what you do and what you do will determine how you go. You have to believe if you are going to get there.
  • Write out what you believe – and keep writing it out until you can write it out without thinking about it or looking at it.
  • Speak what you believe – say it out loud (particularly in the moments of the whispering fear). The more you say it the more it settles into your heart. What you plant in your heart will grow up in your life.
  • Be surrounded with believers – you become what you are around so intentionally be around people that dare to believe. If you can’t get around other believers in person, then connect through a phone call, an online meeting, or even with a letter. Let others be a feeding place for your believe point.
  • Invest in the better foundation – make the Word a part of your morning. Add more Word investments when the going is tougher than normal. Create a foundation that becomes your default retreat place when the world attempts to break your believe point.
  • Keep moving – even a little bit. Action begets action. Momentum creates room for more to get done. When you are moving and doing, it’s more difficult for the whispers and shouts to shake your believe point.

The path to standing in your believe point doesn’t have to be difficult, but it will be a challenge because the world will continue to try to know down that believe point. The simple truth is that the more you believe the stronger you stand in your believe point. Believe and keep believing, and your believe point will withstand.

What will you do today to firm up your believe point?

Dare to Stand in Your Believe Point

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Challenge for Intentional Actions

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Define Your Believe Point

Write down what you believe.
Speak what you believe.
Be surrounded with attitudes of believe.
Invest in a better foundation.
Keep moving.

Build your believe point so that you will be in a position to stand strong no matter what comes your way.

Quote of the Day

“Getting going is the hardest part of doing.” – Kathryn Lang

Chose to go. Choose to do. Choose to move. It is the only way you will ever get there. It doesn’t have to be big to make a difference. A little bit of movement will get the ball rolling. You do have to recognize that until you get going you will never be able to reach your destination.

How can you get going today?

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What Others Say

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Scripture Focus

Today’s Readings:

John 19 – 21

Scripture Focus - Titus 3:7

Scripture Focus:

“Being justified by Grace, we are made heirs according to the hope of eternal life.” – Titus 3:7

Ponder Point:

God’s got this. God has made the Way. God has justified us and brought us into His family. We simply have to hope and obey.

Share Moment:

How do you struggle with accepting that God has justified you by Grace?

Study Question

Dig in deeper to the Word to grow a closer relationship with the Word.

The tongue holds in it the power of life and death.

How do the words you speak affect the life you live?

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