Benefits of the 31 Day Challenge

My challenge has ended (although in reality it has only just begun). I thought briefly this morning about staying in bed as a prize to me for doing so well the whole month of August but I thought I would rather keep my streak running than sleep in. I think that is a good thing that has come form this challenge.

Accomplishments from the 31 Day Challenge

    1. Write for pay for 3 hours – I learned that three hours goes quickly and that it keeps me from being over whelmed at the end of the month with deadlines.

    2. Write for pleasure for 1 hour – I have focused more on honing my own writing and not simply concentrating on keying out a bunch of words to meet a deadline.

    3. Write fiction 500 words – I have rediscovered my love of fiction and story telling and have gotten a great jump start on my second novel.

    4. Spend time with family 1 hr – My family can be a lot of fun if I make them a priority and no longer just give them the leftovers.

    5. Eat breakfast at table – The family normally eats breakfast together but it was still nice to make it a priority for my life.

    6. Eat lunch at table – It is not unusual for my boys to be off on an adventure with dad during lunch. Eating alone at the table was a struggle but it turned to be completely harmless.

    7. Eat dinner at table – Same as lunch only I use to watch my television shows while I ate.

    8. Pet and play with dogs – I am responsible for my pets and I should treat them with love and respect. They are learning to mind better and I am learning that a few minutes each day will not destroy my schedule.

    9. Send one query – I sent out a job query or an article query at least once a day. I know that I am doing my part to expand my writing career.

    10. Edit one novel page – I am about a third of the way through my first novel and the rewrite is adding great things to the story line!

    11. Do chores 1 hour – My house is not perfect but things are getting done and now I know that they can get done.

    12. Read and Study scripture 1 hr – I am making God a priority through out the day and that is always a good thing.

    13. Emails & blogs comments 1 hr – My social networking is good for building my writing career but it is easy to let it take over my day. Limiting my time helps me to keep my day moving along.

    14. Read for pleasure 1 hour – I had forgotten how nice it is just to enjoy a nice book. I’m even learning how to read while my hubby watches what he wants on the television. It is not exactly “together time” but it is still nice for the two of us.

Most of my tasks will continue into my new Challenge to Change. Some of them are being combined, some of them are being honed a little and there are some additions as well. I know that I am capable of so much more that I am doing. Now I just have to let this month be a reminder of how much success is already build up inside of me.

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