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Building Up Boxes or Breaking Down Barriers

A to Z Challenge – Day Two

B – Building

Building up boxes or breaking down barriers occurs every day – whether you want it, mean for it, or plan it. Action constantly occurs. Change continuously happens. The choices you make will determine if you end up building boxes to hold you in or if you break down barriers to make room for possibilities.

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Building Up Boxes

“All you have to do is follow these simple steps and it will appear.” I would like to tell you I read this line in a children’s book. Unfortunately, I eagerly ate it up watching a webinar.

His excitement for the steps he provided bled through the digital world into my heart. I believed. I took one step. I took another step. I took a third step.


I went back to the first step. I took another step. I took a third step.


Before I knew it, I tangled up in his steps and ran smack into the box I had built using his directions.

Most boxes we have around us are ones we have allowed others to build or have built ourselves . . . on plank at a time.” Click To Tweet

The box did not come preassembled. I had invested the time (and the money) to build the box around me. I knew the actions were doing something. I knew the choices were making changes. It took hitting the walls I built to recognize what I had created with my investments.

Box building or Barrier Breaking

Break the Box to Boost the Purpose

The little things pile up around us to leave us boxed in to place. Getting out of the box can also be done one little bit at a time.

  • One choice makes all the difference, not because it is a big move or a massive choice, but because the one choice makes way to for the next choice. Momentum from the one choice provides the fuel for the next choice . . .and that choice provides the fuel for the next choice. See how it begins to add up?
  • Challenge the norm – if not an outright challenge then take a moment to question the same ole same ole. It may work. It may need a little tweak. You may need to find a way to do it differently. If you don’t challenge it then you will never know if you need to change it.
  • Accept that others won’t accept the move. Living outside the box will look wrong to the world and the world will try to convince you it is wrong. Be daring enough to continue in your unique design no matter how many people stare.
  • Refuse to settle, because once you settle you lose the momentum you have been building. Even if things didn’t work the way you wanted, or even if they did, keep stepping. Keep trying different. Keep reaching for better.

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Be prepared. The more you determine to walk out your own unique path, the more concerned others will become about you doing it the “right” way (and by the “right” way THEY mean the way THEY determine to be right). Find what works for you and then get to work.

Grow bold in your uniqueness and you will be prepared to stop building the box and instead you will be positioned for breaking down the barriers.

Be blessed,

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