There Can Be Only One – Becoming the Unique You

Step Outside the Box
I am unique in all the world. I share this fact often enough that I probably need to have cards made up. I got the concept from “The Little Prince,” but I have allowed the idea behind the words to mold me in my journey.

I am unique. No other person on this planet thinks just like me (and all my family shouted, ‘amen’). I have a unique DNA. My experiences are unique to my background, upbringing and education. Even a person that has walked down a similar path (even my own siblings) are not like me.

I know that I am unique, and yet I often find myself trying to crawl into one box or another. I started to crawl into the box of “I need to be popular” when I was in high school. A graduating senior sat me down and gave me the honest reality. He said, “I played the game. It is not worth it.” So, I closed the box and walked away.

I tried to shove myself in the “good girlfriend” box when I dated a guy in college. I dressed like he wanted me to dress. I talked to the people he thought were okay. One day, I looked at myself in my own mirror and I no longer recognized the person looking back at me. I clawed my way out of that box and ran from it.

I launched my writing career in 2005. I followed the advice of all the people in the industry. I read the right books. I did what they told me to do. And then I looked around and realized I was back in a box. I kicked and I hit and I screamed, but the box held. I was locked in. And then I looked up and realized that no matter how tightly THEY might lock me in, the keys are held by One higher than them. I asked, He opened, and I walked away from the box.

I am the only one of me that will ever exist. Nothing in this world can tell me how to be me. Nothing in this world can show me the right path. I will only become the one I was designed to become when I choose to turn to the One that designed me.

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