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Posted on the top of my screen are the two commandments of marketing and sales – and really the best advice you will ever get about life.

1. Create lasting connections (relationships) with people.

2. Focus on being relentlessly helpful.

Getting these two points in focus will allow me to build a solid foundation for my success.

The key to success lies in the giving and not in the getting Click To Tweet

I started out the morning determined to get it right. I had plans to follow. I had a schedule to guide each step. I had the motivation to get it done.

Things distracted me. The important and flashy things of “what if” and “why not” and “how will I ever.” The expansiveness of those distractions opened up a pit of despair, mainly because I did NOT have the answers.

That is the point. The enemy throws things at me until I begin to realize the answers are evading me and then uses that realization to drag me away from hope into a pit of darkness.

Despite all that I had in place to keep me focused, I lost focused.

A friend on Facebook shared a simple story about a farmer and some puppies. I cried. The story was cry worthy, but it was my own recognition that brought most of the tears. I had shifted from God first and others second to “it is all about me.” That one shift was what allowed me to become distracted with the nothings.

Staying Focused for Success

  • Every day will not be perfect. It is not about perfection but about persistence. As long as I keep pushing alone – DOING WHAT I KNOW TO DO – then I will arrive at the end of the day closer to my desired success.
  • There will always be distractions. Because every day will not be perfect, there will always be something that tells me to “give it up” for the day or to “call it a day” since nothing is going my way. I have to make the choice to go on from where I am instead of worrying about what I missed out in accomplishing. Take action, even if it is one action just before the day comes to an end. Refuse to give the distractions control.
  • The enemy will always cause push-back. He never wants to see me succeed. My failure hurts me, but it also hurts those around me that are watching my journey (and there are ALWAYS people watching the journey). Expecting the push-back can help me prepare for it. It is coming.
  • I will never do it alone. I am not designed to do it alone. I need to surround myself with others that believe in my journey, that encourage my journey, and that are willing to invest in my journey. The power of purpose is multiplied exponentially with the connection of others.

Lack of motivation and loss of focus happen most for me when I slow down (or more likely when I sit down). It seems to me that when I stop then I turn my attention to self and when self becomes the center of my world then NOTHING in my world runs the way it should.

If I want to be successful then I have to be willing to invest in others. I get to my own desired success when I reach out and help others to theirs. The ladder to success is not over others but through the connection and support of others. I need to keep these ideas in my heart and mind if I am going to allow them to drive me down the path.

Be blessed,

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