Choose the Wisest Thing

…I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.” – Deuteronomy 30:19

What is the wisest thing for me to do – physically, spiritually, relationally, and professionally? The question was posed to me in Sunday school class through a study by Andy Stanley. I took a LOT of notes in that class and I even created a few tweets from the information (because that is where my mind has been going lately).

I knew I needed to review the idea of “wisest” thing. Things had not been moving in the ideal direction. I managed to avoid the reviewing process right after we arrived home and gave my attention to watching the last few episodes of “White Collar” on Netflix. The irony of the whole moment was not lost on me.

I did eventually make the time that I needed for reviewing the information about the “wisest” thing. Much of the information that had been provided and that I had recorded in my notes were things that I had heard before. I had even taken time to write about them in the past. There are times when I just need to hear it ONE MORE TIME – and since Sunday school was not the only place I was receiving the reminder, I suspected this was one of those times.

I heard the reminder in songs. I saw it in memes I found online. I found it in my own journal.

Just like my choice to watch Netflix, choosing the “wisest” thing falls directly on my shoulders. There is no other person that is responsible. I may want the positive results of the “wisest” thing with all of my heart, but until I make the investment I will continue to live in that want.

Investing in the Wisest Thing

    – Each choice I make will affect my next choice, my current walk, and the people around me as well. If I choose anything less than the best then what does it say about how I value those things?

    – Consistency is action must become the normal state of being. An object in motion stays in motion. My choice of the “wisest” thing requires action that will help me keep moving in the wisest direction.

    – Not doing something is almost impossible. The more I try not to do the more I think about doing it. The more I think about “it” the more focus “it” gets. The more focus I give something the more it will drive my actions.

    – Be positive. It can be done. I can do if I make the choice to do. A change in habit to move towards the wisest thing works best with a choice to do. Stay positive.

The wisest thing – physically, spiritually, relationally, and professionally – for me is TO DO! The actions I take will be what drives me towards my purpose or what holds me back in a place of settled okay.

Be blessed,


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