Smiling through the Rain

Everything fell apart. The conference was canceled. The bank account was empty. The electricity went off two nights in a row so that the alarm beeped all night announcing that it was not getting any energy. And it was raining (never good when you live in a small home with three active boys). This was Monday – TODAY. My first thought was to stay in bed.

Life happens but it is rough when it all seems to happen at once. It would have been easy for me to take the excuses. The problem is that my problems would still be here when I finally DID get out of bed so why put off the inevitable.

The first thing I did was to visit some of the sites where I can find encouragement. A little smile can go a long ways towards making things better. By the time I got my crew up, I was seeing the sun (even though it hasn’t stopped raining). The more I focus on the positive the more good news seems to find its way to me.

Good News on a Rainy Day

    1. I have a chance to win a job blogging about “good moods.” This would be a great opportunity for me to share my passion AND would not be to hard on my pocket book. 😀 It would really help me out if you would vote for me and then you would ask all your friends and family (and anyone you have ever known) to vote for me as well.

    Vote for Me

    2. I got my first response from all those queries I sent out during my 31 Day Challenge. It was a resounding YES. So maybe the concept of “when it rains, it pours” is not always a bad thing.

    3. My middle son volunteered to sweep and mop the house. That’s enough good news to make any mom want to dance.

Things are looking up. Sometimes you have to choose to see the sun behind the clouds but I promise the effort is worth the results!

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