Becoming a Door Kicker

Sarah Palin said that she was looking for cracks and then plowing her way through the door. Sarah Palin is a door kicker. Door kickers do not wait until the path is clear of obstacles. They jump on in as soon as the opportunity arises.

Peter was another door kicker. He didn’t think through the consequences or the “what ifs” but just stepped on out of the boat.

The Scripture is full of door kickers but most of us have lost that ability to just “go” without detailed instructions of how, why and where. Society has so many rules and requirements for decisions that it’s amazing anything gets done.

    – Get a job with benefits so that you will be secure.

    – Get a degree from college so that you can get a job with benefits so that your future will be secure.

    – Get married and have a family that you can support with the job that you get with benefits.

    – Make more money so that you can spend more money so that you can get all the toys and stuff necessary to make life satisfying.

    – Make all of your decisions based around the job with benefits that is going to give you a life of financial security.

    – Follow those opportunities that provide detailed plans and explanations of how they will supply you benefits and financial security for today and for the future.

Faith requires action without explanation. Look for the opportunity and step out. You will never walk on water if you stay in the boat. The great news is that God doesn’t require us to make all the right decisions but only to step out in obedience to His purpose and direction. He is there to pull us up if we start to sink. Our job is just to go.

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  • Ha! Kathy I can see the “waiter” and “kicker” is ya’ll! It’s unfortunate that in today’s “society” the door kickers are seen as trouble makers because we won’t leave status quo alone – we persue what is right, not what is easy.