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Taking Control of Life

Are you the author or the victim of life.

I read the words and they made me stop and examine my life. The author talked about how a fish could not be the one that discovered water because water has always been a part of the life of the fish. Fish do not see water as something worth discovering.

He wanted me to think that if I am not the author of my life then I am the victim of that life. It took me several reads before the words began to settle into my heart. I did not like what they revealed.

Author or Victim of Life

– Anytime I let circumstances dictate my actions then I fall into the status of victim. To be in control of my life I must take actions and take that control. No more settling.

– The moment I make an excuse for anything in my life, I give into the victim side of things. To be the author of my life I have to dictate the movements and actions. Buts hinder that action and leave me tied up in my own remorse. Take responsibility and take control. No more excuses.

– Allowing others to tell me who I am or what I am gives them the power over my life and leaves me lying in the mud as a victim to their words. To lead the charge for each step of my life, I have to have the words founded deep in my heart (settled into my knower) so that those words tell me where to step next. Take over the words that enter your heart and mind and take control. No more listening to the naysayers.

I write for a living – so being challenged to be the author of my life was something I took seriously. I refuse to let others write my story. I refuse to be driven by the storms. I refuse to be less than all that I know in my heart I am called to do and to be in my life.

Join me. Take up your pen and make the decision right now to be the author of your life!

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