Taking the Steps to Purpose in Life

steps to purpose in life

Each person has been designed and woven with a specific purpose in mind. The unique abilities, interests and desires were planted at the beginning of time to help guide that purpose. The talents and physical design were specified to enhance that purpose. It was all done with precision and care.

And the world got involved.

Experiences, training and even family stepped into dictate purpose. The original design got lost some in the shuffle – or even buried completely. The you that should have been became something else altogether and the purpose was lost.

And then the Creator got involved.

Following HIS will guides you back to purpose. Learning His promises and His process erases the old and creates the new – the you designed at the beginning of time. All that is required is a choice – choose His way and His will and His steps and the purpose will happen.

Beginning the Process to Purpose

    – Make a commitment. It seems impossible or maybe just improbable that all of the answers to everything in your life can be found in just one book. Invest just 1/10th of your day into Him and see where you are in a month. If things are not changed, then you can always return to the same ole same ole.

    – If you always do what you have always done then you will always get what you always got. Time to do things differently than ever before. Yes – the world will think you have lost your mind. Yes – change can be uncomfortable. Yes – it will not be anything like you expect (but it will be beyond anything you can imagine). But yes – it is worth the investment.

    – Forget the past. All of the training, experience and education mean nothing when put up next to the Word. Let His Word guide your steps even if those steps take you in unexpected directions.

    – Keep a record. Write about where you are. Write about where you want to be. Write about what you are experiencing during the journey. Review your records to remember, to correct and to continue the “one step at a time” process that will get you to where you want to be in the end.

None of it is by accident. Let the Creator explain to the creation its purpose and the creation will find peace and joy in all that it does.

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