Preparing for the New Year

That time has shown up again. I must review my challenges from last year and then clean the slate to start fresh this year. The first step it to review my list from this past January. I will confess right now that I DID NOT succeed in three out of five of my goals.

    • Have a house where guests feel comfortable and welcomed
    • Release 50 pounds
    • Eat better
    • Publish my first novel
    • Develop a website that is visited by many and helpful to all

The weight did not release on its own. It would be nice if I could talk it in to doing that. I know all the things I need to do to make it go away, I just have to do them – CONSISTENTLY – to get it done. I suspect that is the same statement I will be making to myself about a lot of the things I did not accomplish and that I want to accomplish in 2010. It suffices to say that eating better falls directly under this same place!

My home is open to guests, although I struggle to get people to take advantage of it. This last year we hosted several gatherings but my goal for next year is at least once a month. It may only be one family at a time but it is important to me to share all that we have been blessed with out here.

Writing for others fell off this last year and that means income fell as well. It has been tough. I have been working on compensating by publishing my own eBooks. Although my novel sits neglected in the corner of the office, two eBooks – one on beginning a writing career and one on developing Proverb traits to create a life of peace – are selling on my different websites and have been picked up by a couple of other websites to be promoted.

The two main websites that I have been building both suffered major drops in numbers this year. The flip side is that my community for both sides has increased and grown stronger which should make building the numbers back up a little easier.

The review is over. I give 2009 a strong rating. There was a lot accomplished, but so much more that could be done with a little accountability and consistency. Those are two of the issues I intend to confront in 2010.

Goals for the New Year

    • Have a home that is “visitor ready” every day
    • Develop and promote my eBooks
    • Release 70 pounds (I have NOT gained but I have set my sites higher)
    • Run 2 miles in under 15 minutes

My goals are set and I have also put together a list of 4 or 5 steps that I can take each day or week to help me reach those goals. The only thing left to do is to start an accountability group. I would love to have one in my home but it would also be nice to have one online. The more people that are growing and sharing that growth then the easier I find it to continue my own growth.

Are you ready for the New Year? What things are you going to do different to see different results in 2010?

Make a New Plan for the New Year

    1. Review all that you DID accomplish this past year. Start in a positive state of mind.

    2. Write out three to five things that you want to accomplish in the year to come.

    3. Keep your goals in the positive form of “I will” instead of trying to focus on NOT doing or being.

    4. Break down each goal into three to five actions that will help you reach that goal.

    5. Write out a daily schedule that reflects each goal and the steps necessary for that goal.

    6. Make sure that your schedule includes time for rest, sleep and family!

It is never too early or too late to begin making a plan for the New Year. Start today – whether you are sitting by the fire in December or by the pool in June. Now is the only time that you have to begin the life that you have been dreaming of all this time.

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