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Balance the Schedule during the Holidays

Balance the schedule when control has gotten out of control.

Chaos settles in around our home during the holiday season. Carefully constructed schedules crumble to the wayside. Parties, plays, and shopping all join forces to force us to go off the list. It can be frustrating and annoying particularly when I am attempting to start fresh and new in preparation for the New Year.

Times might now agree to work in my favor all of that time. But that does not excuse me from working on schedule with that time that does. Instead of wallowing in the complaints about what I cannot do on a schedule, it is time that I boldly pushed through where I can.

3 Tips to Balance the Schedule

1. I have control over when I get up. That means there is no excuse for the early portion of my schedule NOT getting done. Pushing myself through the holidays will actually give me the opportunity to tweak my schedule for these times so that I can get even more done when things settle back into a routine.

2. I have control over the calendar. That means that if I know what is coming up then I no longer can use it as an excuse because it is here. My schedule HAS to portable and HAS to be displayed for the whole family to see. These next couple of weeks will help me find the perfect solution to that need. Maybe I can figure out a system that will email my husband and me with the schedule and that I can also post in the kitchen for the family to review.

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3. I have control over how I spend my time. That means that when I do have time there is no excuse for not doing what needs to be done. I might want to curl on the couch and watch Hallmark specials on the television but that does not mean that I should.

It may not be possible to control my schedule during the holidays. But it is possible to work with what I can control. I refuse to allow the chaos of the holidays to dictate my path. I choose to begin to focus on the things that I can do so that I will be in a position to do so much more when the opportunity arrives.

When all else seems to fail, find a way to balance the schedule to get you through.

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